Building strength via online coaching with Surf Fitness Academy  image

Building strength via online coaching with Surf Fitness Academy

In February 2021 I signed up with an online surfing fitness coach, Ollie Newton, Founder of the Surf Fit Academy, I was curious as to how on earth it would work, whilst remaining confident that it could. Read on for more about this fascinating journey and how it has helped me in and...

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Finding Yin to my Yang image

Finding Yin to my Yang

Last weekend I enjoyed a two day online Yin Yoga Teacher Training workshop, with Nina Goldberger. From the comfort of my home in Morocco, which became a yin yoga retreat / study office for the weekend. Read on for more about the benefits of an online yoga teacher training, and Yin Yoga...

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travelling in covid girlsroadtrip essaouira morocco travel2021

Back on the open Essaouira

After a week of heavy rains across Morocco, we drove north from Tamraght, on the scenic N1 route to Essaouira. Passing through a surprisingly verdant countryside of argan trees and eucalyptus alleys, I felt that sense of freedom that comes from being behind the wheel on a winding coastal road...

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Christmas & New Year yoga classes, and a special Full Moon meditation image

Christmas & New Year yoga classes, and a special Full Moon meditation

  Ho, ho, flow....Christmas yoga is coming.    I love this time of year, many happy memories of family and friends gathering. Stopping for a few days to hang out, to be present in each other's company. To cook, eat, play games, drink wine and puzzle...

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zoomyoga onlineyoga

Behind the scenes on Zoom Yoga - for yoga teachers, and curious students

  Before I did my yoga teacher training in 2018, most of my yoga practice was online with the You Tube yogi queen, Yoga With Adriene. I felt comfortable practicing at home, and was used to the online format.    Until March 2020 I had been teaching regular classes to a constant...

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Who's coming to visit, what you need, and a little on life in Tamraght today image

Who's coming to visit, what you need, and a little on life in Tamraght today

  The beaches have reopened in Tamraght having been closed for 5 weeks.   We are welcoming the first visitors on tourist visas since Morocco's borders closed in March 2020.   If am honest, it feels a little weird. Having had no new faces in the village...

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yoga on beach morocco

10 Tips for Taking your Yoga Class to the Beach

Whilst we're being encouraged to keep our distance, where better to practice yoga than outdoors. And if you have access, how about taking your yoga classes to a local sandy beach?   Here are some tried & tested tips which may be...

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you tube yoga

Gentle Sunset Yoga Class via You Tube

Delighted to share this Gentle Sunset Yoga 40 min session, now available to view on You Tube. Click on video below to start playing.     You can now enjoy this calming, restorative full body stretch at a time that suits you. Take some time to tune into yourself...

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banana bread loaf gluten-free recipe

Tried & Tested Recipe: Buckwheat banana bread

Here in Tamraght we're blessed with an abundance of bananas. So much so that our neighbouring village, Aourir, is eponymously nick-named Banana Village.   Bananas line the streets like bunting, bundled on carts, sold in kilos and half kilos, ripe and ready to eat. Or, to...

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african elephant art drawing trunk

Latest Art: With This Time

With This Time   "With this time, I have touched every line of your sun-dried skin. Smudging the dark, and making space for the light. Watching and waiting, slowly breathing you to life.  With this time, I have focused on the details, Zooming in to...

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yoga teacher beach yoga wide-legged forward fold yoga morocco

Let's talk about yoga, Q&A

With the recent boom of online yoga, yoga classes and teachers are now being Zoomed worldwide. There's a plethora of You Tube tutorials, 'how to' guidebooks, 'do it this way' blog posts, Facebook and Insta LIVEs available 24/7.   So, how...

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scones homebaking

Tried & Tested Recipe: Home-baked Scones

During the lockdown here in Tamraght, there were several moments of homesickness, which I learned to easily overcome with chats to friends & family, cuppa Yorkshire Tea and a taste of home in hand.   These easy to make scones became a favourite. All ingredients...

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Lessons from Ocean Racing – Surviving Lockdown image

Lessons from Ocean Racing – Surviving Lockdown

Love these simple tips from my dear friend Cathy. We first met aged 2 years. Having honed our survival skills in the UK’s coastal village of Milford-on-Sea, we’ve since enjoyed many a life-changing travel adventure, both together and apart.   Read on for some simple tips from...

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Feeling vulnerable image

Feeling vulnerable

A few days ago I left my apartment to do a food shop nearby. No big deal. And yet, in a way, it was.   First of all, the movement of walking – further than from my bedroom to bathroom to kitchen to terrace – to a public place, a few hundred metres away.   There were a few...

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Yoga at home, taking it online image

Yoga at home, taking it online

Amidst the chaos of the outside world, it is more important than ever to find your inner peace. To connect with yourself, your higher self . That part of you that trusts that this too shall pass, and knows that in healing ourselves, we are healing our planet.   As we finally stop...

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